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This past weekend my wonderful parents came to visit. On Sunday we took a hike on the Barton Creek Greenbelt on the corner of Mopac and 360. We didn’t have a lot of time so we were only able to hike for about and hour but we were able to go 3 miles total. It was beautiful out there and I can’t wait to spend the day exploring. There were a few areas where people could rock climb and although it has been pretty dry here there was a bit of water in the river that we were hiking next to. When we were done we went to Squealers http://austinfoodcarts.com/2012/01/18/squealers-blt/ on the corner of East Riverside Drive and I-35 for lunch. My parents hadn’t been to a food truck yet so I wanted them to experience them since they are so popular in Austin. They have a few things for breakfast and BLT sandwiches for lunch. They are known for their bacon so I got the BLT with spicy chipotle mesquite bacon, honey wheat bread, easy on the sundried tomato mayo, and avocado. It was perfect! The bread was fresh and crispy as was the bacon, the flavors blended together wonderfully and we all loved it! The sandwiches also came with chips on the side and a drink so we took them down behind the AMLI apartments and ate as we sat overlooking the lake. Perfect Sunday! I would definitely recommend hiking the Greenbelt, or anywhere else in Austin, as well as trying out Squealers 🙂

I forgot to take a picture of my sandwich but here is the trailer…and my puppy eating a stick!