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After my half-marathon I decided that although I love running, I needed to switch it up. I still run but I am not as hardcore about it as I had been for the past few years. I have been focusing now on cycling. I am going to do a big 100 mile ride in about 2 months and I am excited. I have never been a bike person but I thought it sounded fun and I am going to do it with a big team from my old job so I am really looking forward to it. Also, when I was in Colorado I went snow shoeing. I had never done that before, better yet, I had never been in real snow before so I had the best time being up there in the mountains! It was a great workout and I wish I lived there so I could do that all the time in the winter! For those of you who don’t really know what that is, it is like wearing scuba shoes for the snow and you can hike through the snow without sinking too deep. In Colorado I also went on a beautiful run along the river, I wish I could do THAT every day too! Something else new I am going to be working for is the Austin Top 10 Fittest contest. I will have to perform 10 different exercises, a standing medicine ball test, standing broad jump, 40-yard dash, agility cone run, precision throw, pull-ups, burpees, handgrip, interval run and a one mile run. I will be up against 49 other people in my age group and if I make it into the top 10 then I proceed to the final contest the next day where I will do the tests again against the top 10 of each age group and hope to get in the final top 10 total! Also, I mentioned that I will be switching shifts so I will be working early (5am-1pm) which I am very excited about because I am a morning person. Also, because of the switch, I can at least shoot a few times in the archery league I participated in during the summer 🙂 I went last week and I shot a 278 out of 300 which isn’t too shabby since I hadn’t shot in about a month. Like I said, I am always trying to keep things interesting and stay active!

Also, since I will be getting out early from work I will have wayyyy more time to actually cook dinner and enjoy it and then add it to the blog!