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Ever since Thanksgiving I have been so busy with the holidays, getting married, honeymoon and moving across the country. It has been crazy but wonderful. We are finally settled in our new house…goodbye Texas, hello Maryland! We have a lot more adventures ahead of us here and can’t wait to find out what is in store for us!

Although I have been so busy I made sure to make time for exercise and healthy eating. For Thanksgiving and Christmas we had healthy dinners and I made sure to at the very least go on a walk every day we could. I worked out in my apartment up until the day I moved out (that was a work out in itself)! The wedding weekend we stayed active by setting up the venue, mingling with family and friends and of course…dancing! I think I danced for at least 5 hours during the reception! For the honeymoon we made sure to walk on the beach every day for at least 30 minutes and we did 4 strength workouts as well for at least 30 minutes. It was a little harder on the travel from Texas to Maryland but we made sure to take several breaks during the drive to stop and walk around with Lola (our dog). I would also sometimes do squats in the bathroom haha! We ended up getting snowed in at Josh’s mom’s house and she had a treadmill so I made sure to put that to use as well.

As for healthy eating during all of these events-during the holidays and wedding I decided to just eat a little bit of what I wanted instead of a huge serving so I could still have the good food but not go overboard. We did the same thing on the honeymoon as well. I was a little worried about all you can eat and drink but the servings were small and I ended up making good choices…most of the time! I made sure to have fruits and vegetables with every meal and to control my drinking while we were over there. For the cross country drive we would have a healthy breakfast and then had beef jerky, trail mix, clementines, bananas and Special K Crackers for snacks. I chose salads for lunch and a healthy option for dinner as well.

I have to admit…it was hard during this past month and a half to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise and I might not be where I was before all the chaos begin but I made sure not to fall off the wagon. To me, that is the most important part. During life there will always be lapses and collapses with a healthy lifestyle but it is up to you to make that decision to not make that final collapse. Not every choice you make will be the healthiest or best one but that is ok, recognize what you did and how you felt and then get passed it and continue your healthy lifestyle after.

As for me, I am excited to be back on a schedule (well, sort of) and back in the kitchen again…I have missed it! These past several weeks have been amazing but I am ready to get going again and start our new married life together!

The groceries in Maryland are definitely more expensive here than in Texas so I am trying my best to figure out how to work with that. I am going to attempt to make as much food from scratch as possible to try and reduce our grocery bills. This means I will be making and freezing a bunch of stuff to save for later! It also helps that we are on 5 acres of land and are about to build a chicken coop (yay fresh eggs!) and a gigantic garden!

So far since we got here (a week ago today) after moving in and receiving all new kitchen items I have made typical eggs for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, for dinner I have made sushi (the same recipe I have used on here before), maple orange chicken with potatoes and broccoli, fresh whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat pumpkin cinnamon raisin bread (recipes to come shortly).

From now on I will be attempting to make most of my recipes with everything from scratch. It might be a slow process to get completely there but I will do my best! Stayed tuned for all of my fresh, new recipes! Below are a few pictures that collect just a bit of the craziness we just got through!

My parents walking my down the aisle and my husband waiting for me :)

My parents walking me down the aisle and my husband waiting for me 🙂

On the beach in the Dominican!

On the beach in the Dominican!



We got snowed in at Josh's mom's house so we had some fun!

We got snowed in at Josh’s mom’s house so we had some fun!

Our new house!

Our new house!