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I realize it has been a year since I last posted but wow, so much has been going on! I was living in Maryland and my internet was not the best so it was very hard to post and then, recently, we moved to Nashville! I have been very busy with my new job and working late and having so many visitors on the weekend but I plan on posting on here more often. I have missed it. One thing has changed though. I will no longer be posting the nutrition information. If you are interested in the nutrition content and really want to figure it out, you can enter the ingredients on myfitnesspal.com and then divide them by how many servings there are and you will find your answer. I made this decision because I felt like I had taken the fun out of food by always counting my calories. I stopped once we moved to Nashville and I have felt…free! I listen to my body and eat if I feel hungry and try not to eat if I am not. I still eat healthy all the time at home but make sure when we go out to eat I enjoy the experience (in moderation). Listening to my body has actually caused me to lose a little weight as well, so I feel comfortable with my decision 🙂 What do you know, if you pay attention to how you feel you can get what you need?!

I still stick with using natural/healthy ingredients in my recipes but will also post a little more indulgences as well. Remember, everything in moderation!!!